Communication by objects

As a vector of visibility and notoriety, communication through objects is an essential strategy that is both minimally intrusive and original. While a single click is enough to remove an e-mail from a very expensive advertising campaign, the advertising object (or "goodies") tends to be kept and even used in 78% of cases. It can serve several purposes on its own :

  • Chips and check numbering Notoriety : Improvement of brand knowledge and development of brand awareness
  • Chips and check numbering Loyalty : Optimisation of commercial actions and development of customer and employee loyalty
  • Chips and check numbering Integration : The welcome and integration of new employees, participants and students through the « Welcome Pack »
  • Chips and check numbering Image : The promotion, remembrance and impact of events of all kinds
In this way, we offer you the opportunity to develop your identity through our very wide range of objects to be customised in your own colours, including a range of products that are part of your CSR approach.

Pictogram painting palette for creativity

Your creativity

Eco-cups for your events, mini-speakers with your logo to reward the performance of your employees, water bottles with your name on them to continue your CSR initiatives, tote-bags in your colours for the summer... Dare to create.

Pictogram for the CSR objective

CSR objective

Replace your office consumables (plastic bottles, disposable cups, plastic bags, and so many others) with reusable and ecological accessories such as : water bottles, eco-cups, tote-bags, coolers, mugs, thermos flasks, for example. Discover our range of customisable CSR-oriented products.

Pictogram for your identity

Your image

Highlight your values and convictions by offering products that will underline your commitment.

Pictogram for visibility and notoriety

Your notoriety

Build the identity of your structure, your company, your association or even your brand and develop its notoriety through advertising objects and goodies from a wide and varied range.

Tailor-made service pictogram

Tailor-made services

Tailor-made customisations: logo placement, colour, name, nickname, number, text, slogan, sponsors among many others. We offer you our advice and experience to create the most suitable goodies for you.

Message bubble pictogram for a listening team

A reactive team

Proposal and quote within 24 hours. Reliability of announced delivery times. A personalised follow-up and a contactable team, from creation to delivery.

Pictogram competitive prices

Competitive prices

Prices among the lowest on the market. Tiered sliding scale prices for each product. No minimum order.

Pictogram great experience and know-how

Our experience

Nationally renowned companies, prestigious establishments, national cultural players, sports clubs and event creators who have placed their trust in us for several years.

Pictogram of French local service providers and managers

Local & French

French creations and partners !

Interested by our services ?

Our dedicated team is ready to listen to you in order to best fit your needs and develop, alongside you, your projects!



Supports & Downloads

Cover goodies catalogue

Advertising objects &
communication by object
Customisable &
responsible accessories

Discover without delay our thousands of accessories, goodies and promotional items that can be customised and their sliding scale prices depending on the quantities required.

  • Chips and check medal numberingChoose your items from the attached catalogue
  • Chips and check medal numberingSend us your product references, design ideas and logos by email
  • Chips and check medal numberingWithin 24 hours we come back to you with an estimate and your visual creations.
Cover Winter 2021 catalogue

CSR 2021 Objective

Discover our selection of numerous customisable and responsible items that will contribute to the ecological approach of your company by having a responsable production and limiting the use of consumables.

  • Chips and check medal numberingChoose your items from the attached catalogue
  • Chips and check medal numberingSend us your product references, design ideas and logos by e-mail.
  • Chips and check medal numberingWithin 24 hours we will get back to you with an estimate and the visual creations of your project.


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