Whether they are festive, sporting or cultural, group trips forge relationships between the cohesion and team spirit, but above all, they are an immense source of well-being and complicity. Thanks to our talented partners, who offer an ever-increasing variety of services, we are able to we promise you the creation of made-to-measure, original and creative stays. Whether they aim to or whether they are simply a moment of discovery, fun and discovery, or simply a moment to curiosity, they are a unique experience to share.

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Works council, team-building or group?
We offer a range of dedicated and adapted stays.

Whether tailor-made services or themed excursions for your company, our offers meet all of the following criteria :

Tailor-made services

  • Chips and check numbering Several destinations available
  • Chips and check numbering A regularly updated catalogue
  • Chips and check numbering Suitable for all group sizes
  • Chips and check numbering An assembly adapted to your budget and your schedule
  • Chips and check numbering Trusted local partners
  • Chips and check numbering Receptives on site to guide you
  • Chips and check numbering Team-building activities and options on demand
  • Chips and check numbering Transport via French coach operators

Thematic & seasonal excursions

  • Chips and check numbering Weekends skiing
  • Chips and check numbering Photography courses in the heart of nature
  • Chips and check numbering « Detox, fasting and wellness » stays
  • Chips and check numbering And much more...

We have dedicated offers for student associations.

Whether for integration weekends, ski weekends or end-of-year events, our offers meet all the following criteria :

  • Chips and check numbering Groups of all sizes
  • Chips and check numbering Accessible for tight budgets
  • Chips and check numbering Numerous dates and availability in each season
  • Chips and check numbering Several destinations available each season
  • Chips and check numbering Numerous activities and services included
  • Chips and check numbering Receptives on site to guide you
  • Chips and check numbering New offers every year

  • Chips and check numbering Coach transport at the best prices on the market
  • Chips and check numbering Varied panel of options to intensify the experience
  • Puces et numérotation checkOur trusted tour operator partner : logo MES partner
  • Chips and check numbering And above all: The best way to create and strengthen your students' networks.

Our assets

Pictogram medal of originality


Every year we work hard to bring you new destinations and activities to make every stay a unique experience.

Tailor-made service pictogram

Tailor-made stays

Take advantage of the many activities and services included in our offers and the additional options available to spice up your experience.

Pictogram of attractive offers

Attractive offers

We strive to offer you ever more attractive rates, to make our stays accessible to as many of you as possible.

Pictogram great experience and know-how

Our experience

We have absolute confidence in our partners and service providers, carefully selected for their professionalism, with whom we have been organising your holidays for many years.

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Our network of French coach operators is at your disposal, as an option, who will be able to transport you safely to your place of stay and take you back. And always at the best price.

Pictogram of a supervised and accompanied performance

A continuous service

We build up your stays and excursions with you, step by step, from the first contact to your return. Your satisfaction and your feedback are very important to us and are the basis for our further development.

Message bubble pictogram for a reactive team

A reactive team

For your comfort, we make sure that we can be reached when you want, to meet you when you want, to accompany you in your choices. Our sales representatives are always ready to listen to you.

Framing and safety pictogram

Supervision & Security

Specialised receptionists will welcome you, accompany you during your activities, guide you and respond to your requests. In addition, in accordance with the law, discreet security agents will guarantee the protection of participants during your most intense and busy evenings and events, so that the party remains one. A medical assistance tent can also be included at your request.

Committed and responsible tourism pictogram

Committed tourism

Our partners are French tourism and event industry players, talents and companies from our regions, and will remain so.

Interested by our services ?

Our dedicated team is ready to listen to you in order to best fit your needs and develop, alongside you, your projects!



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Integration weekends 2021
Our student offers

Come and discover our accommodation offers and the activities proposed within the framework of the organisation of your integration weekends (WEI) for the start of the school year 2021, in partnership with MES TRAVELS, our trusted tour operator.

  • Chips and check medal numberingDiscover our places and accommodation offers
  • Chips and check medal numberingDiscover our animations to spice up your experience
  • Chips and check medal numberingWithin 24 hours we come back to you with an estimate and your visual creations.
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